What is Web3 JavaScript?

This brief web3js or Web 3 JavaScript tutorial explains why do web 3 developers need to learn web3 js use-cases to create high end projects and deploy them on Ethereum blockchain. Web3 js and Solidity are two of the basic skills to learn for web 3 development.

What is Web 3 JavaScript?

If you know a bit about Blockchain development or using solidity to develop web 3 apps you probably already know about web3js. It’s the most popular JavaScript framework utility library that web 3 devs use to connect to Ethereum nodes through different protocols like WebSocket, HTTP or IPC. Web3 contains javascript libraries and modules we use for building projects on top of Ethereum blockchain.

Blockchain and web 3 development devs use smart contracts – code written in Solidity or other languages to deploy and execute code on a Blockchain or launch their Web 3 projects.

JavaScript Web3 JS library is extensively used to access tokens and blockchain resources. It works as a bridge between the Smart Contract code that runs on blockchain and web apps or mobile UI.

Why web3js is Crucial for Web 3 Mobile UI and Web Apps?

  • The developers can use plugins to extend and integrate their projects while using web3 js.
  • Web 3 js framework has an array of vast features to extend and customize the features. You can add a massive variety of features such as buttons, sliders and specific functionality to the front-end of web 3 projects.
  • Web3js is an open-source framework and has a strong community for all type of support.
  • Web 3 developers can use web3.js to test their projects written in Solidity by deploying and testing them in Ethereum network locally.
  • Web3 js is very helpful to debug and remove code errors in a few seconds.
  • Web 3 JS also supports typed languages like TypeScript to catch compiler errors.
  • However on the downside a sizable learning curve exists for developers who have not used JavaScript before. They might find it hard to run packages initially but it can be covered easily.

How to Make Web3.js Highlevel Calls?

We can use Web3 js to make highlevel contract API calls on blockchain. Here is one such example:

Client Browser > React Code --|Web3.js code --- Contract Code-- MachineByte Code -- Ethereum Blockchain