How to Fix livewire Str replaceFirst() error in Laravel Tutorial

When we update our Laravel version 8 or 9 and the latest livewire version gives us the Str error we have mentioned here that we will discuss and resolve in this tutorial. So when you use livewire new version on Laravel 9 and it returns Str replaceFirst() error you should add the line of code we have mentioned below.

Too few arguments to function Illuminate\Support\Str::replaceFirst()

In order to fix livewire Str replaceFirst() error in Laravel copy this command and use it in your terminal. It will resolve this error.

// publish livewire config file
php artisan livewire:publish --config

// cache configs (livewire included now)
php artisan config:cache

// or
php artisan optimize

This will resolve livewire upgrade error in Laravel 8 or 9. For queries use comment box.