How to Use Gravity Forms for AJAX Submissions Without Reloading Pages

Do you know if you use Gravity Forms with AJAX your form entries would no longer require reloading for validation or submission. They will get updated automatically. We have added the details below how you can use AJAX with Gravity Forms for new entry submissions.

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML and is not actually a programming language but a programming technique that makes loaded page’s information accessible from a web server. AJAX uses various web technologies for creating client side web apps. It allows web apps to exchange data using built-in XMLHttpRequest objects with the server asynchronously without interfering with the page in any way. 

The operation of data exchange runs in the background and it also allows you to update any part of a web page without even reloading it. 

If you use AJAX with Gravity Forms for the form submission it can improve user experience by providing a simplistic solution. 

Here is how you can use gravity forms for AJAX submission

You should know that by default AJAX is disabled on the new/existing Gravity Forms so if you want to use it, you should manually enable it. We have mentioned below how you can enable AJAX on existing or new Gravity Forms with few tweaks here and there. 

You should keep in mind that if you are enabling AJAX on existing forms it varies depending on the type of editor you are using i-e Classic or Block editor. We have shown below how you can enable AJAX on both editors. 

Enabling AJAX on Gutenberg/Block editor 

  1. First off go to the page where your form is located 
  2. Click on the Gravity Forms Block
  3. Then click on the Advanced settings panel
  4. Slide AJAX on

Enabling AJAX on Classic editor

In order to enable AJAX on Classic editor you should follow these guidelines:

  1. Go to the page where the form is embedded 
  2. Find the Gravity Forms shortcode 
  3. Add ajax=“true” before the closing bracket or just copy and paste this code [gravityform id=”1″ title=”true” description=”true” ajax=”true”]

Enabling AJAX on New Forms

To enabling AJAX on new forms the procedure totally depends on the type of editor

Block editor

You can enable it on an existing page or create new one to enable it

  1. You should click the ‘+’ sign for adding a new block 
  2. Select the Gravity Forms block
  3. Select the form from the dropdown 
  4. Click the advanced settings  
  5. Slid AJAX on 
  6. Save it 

Gutenberg/Classic Editor 

  1. Go to an already existing page
  2. You’d see an Add Form on top click it
  3. Locate Enable AJAX and check the box 
  4. Then click on Insert Form 
  5. Click Save

Once you are done you would see how simple it was to enable AJAX on any type of forms. Gravity Forms support AJAX, so you can easily enable and start submitting form entries which do not require reloading pages. Adding AJAX submission is very simple and increases user experience on your website.