Perl5.28-x86_64-linux-gnu Command

Perl5.28-x86_64-linux-gnu Command


shared Perl library

Maintainer: Niko Tyni

Section: libs

Install perl5.28-x86_64-linux-gnu

  • Debian apt-get install libperl5.28 Click to copy
  • Ubuntu apt-get install libperl5.28 Click to copy
  • Kali Linux apt-get install libperl5.28 Click to copy


shared Perl library

This package contains the shared Perl library, used by applications which embed a Perl interpreter. It also contains the architecture-dependent parts of the standard library (and depends on perl-modules-5.28 which contains the architecture-independent parts).


debug-enabled Perl interpreter

debugperl provides a debug-enabled version of Perl which can produce extensive information about the interpreter as it compiles and executes a program (see the -D switch in perlrun(1)). Note that this package is primarily of use in debugging *Perl* rather than perl programs, which may be traced/debugged using the standard perl binary using the -d switch (see perldebug(1)). In addition, this package also includes debugging information for the normal Perl interpreter.

Installing perl5.28-x86_64-linux-gnu command is simple. just copy one of the above commands for your operating system and paste it into terminal. This command is available for Debian, Ubuntu and Kali operating systems. Once you run the command it will install the latest version of perl5.28-x86_64-linux-gnu 2024 package in your OS.