ldaptor ldap2maradns

Ldaptor-ldap2maradns Command

Ldaptor-ldap2maradns Command


command-line LDAP utilities

Maintainer: Debian Python Modules Team

Section: admin

Install ldaptor-ldap2maradns

  • Debian apt-get install ldaptor-utils Click to copy
  • Ubuntu apt-get install ldaptor-utils Click to copy
  • Kali Linux apt-get install ldaptor-utils Click to copy
  • Fedora dnf install python-ldaptor-tools Click to copy
  • Raspbian apt-get install ldaptor-utils Click to copy


command-line LDAP utilities

A set of LDAP utilities for use from the command line, including: * ldaptor-search -- Search LDAP directories. * ldaptor-namingcontexts -- Fetch the naming contexts the server supports. * ldaptor-find-server -- Find the server that serves the wanted DN by looking at DNS SRV records. * ldaptor-passwd -- Change passwords. * ldaptor-rename -- Change object RDN and DNs. * ldaptor-ldap2passwd -- Generate passwd(5) format data from LDAP accounts. * ldaptor-getfreenumber -- Do an efficient scan for e.g. next free uidNumber. * ldaptor-ldap2dhcpconf -- Create dhcp.conf based on LDAP host info. * ldaptor-ldap2dnszones -- Create a DNS zone files based on LDAP host info. * ldaptor-ldap2maradns -- Create a maradns zone file based on LDAP host info. * ldaptor-ldap2pdns -- pdns pipe backend. * ldaptor-fetchschema -- Fetch schema from a server.


Ldaptor command line utilities
Installing ldaptor-ldap2maradns command is simple. just copy one of the above commands for your operating system and paste it into terminal. This command is available for Debian, Ubuntu, Kali, Fedora and Raspbian operating systems. Once you run the command it will install the latest version of ldaptor-ldap2maradns 2023 package in your OS.