Maintainer: Debian/Kubuntu Qt/KDE Maintainers

Section: kde

Install kdeinit5_wrapper

  • Debian apt-get install kinit Click to copy
  • Ubuntu apt-get install kinit Click to copy
  • Arch Linux pacman -S kinit Click to copy
  • Kali Linux apt-get install kinit Click to copy
  • Fedora dnf install kf5-kinit Click to copy
  • Raspbian apt-get install kinit Click to copy




process launcher to speed up launching KDE applications

kdeinit is a process launcher somewhat similar to the famous init used for booting UNIX. It launches processes by forking and then loading a dynamic library which should contain a 'kdemain(...)' function. Using kdeinit to launch KDE applications makes starting a typical KDE applications 2.5 times faster (100ms instead of 250ms on a P-III 500) It reduces memory consumption by approx. 350Kb per application.

Installation of latest kdeinit5_wrapper command is available for Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, Kali, Fedora and Raspbian. You can copy the command for your OS from above and paste it into your terminal. Once you run the command it will download the 2023 latest package from the repository and install it in your computer/server.