How To Install Runner?

How To Install Runner?


Mailing list management system

Maintainer: Debian Mailman Team

Section: mail

Install runner

  • Debian apt-get install mailman3 Click to copy
  • Ubuntu apt-get install mailman3 Click to copy
  • Kali Linux apt-get install mailman3 Click to copy
  • Fedora dnf install mailman3 Click to copy
  • Raspbian apt-get install ruby-rails-2.3 Click to copy


Mailing list management system

This is GNU Mailman version 3, a mailing list management system. This package provides the core delivery engine of the system, which handles the mailing lists data, receives messages, handles the moderation and processing of these messages and delivers them to the mailing lists subscribers. It communicates with the other components through a private administrative REST API. Default database backend is SQLite3 in order to not break automated installations. For productive setups, PostgreSQL or MySQL are much better options though. See README.Debian for further information. In order to get the full Mailman3 system, the metapackage 'mailman3-full' should be installed.


MVC ruby based framework geared for web application development

Rails is a full-stack, open-source web framework in Ruby for writing real-world applications. Being a full-stack framework means that all layers are built to work seamlessly together. That way you don't repeat yourself and you can use a single language from top to bottom. Everything from templates to control flow to business logic is written in Ruby.

Installing runner command is simple. just copy one of the above commands for your operating system and paste it into terminal. This command is available for Debian, Ubuntu, Kali, Fedora and Raspbian operating systems. Once you run the command it will install the latest version of runner 2024 package in your OS.