Fence Agents for Red Hat Cluster

Maintainer: Debian HA Maintainers

Section: admin

Install fence_rackswitch

  • Debian apt-get install fence-agents Click to copy
  • Ubuntu apt-get install fence-agents Click to copy
  • Kali Linux apt-get install fence-agents Click to copy
  • CentOS yum install fence-agents Click to copy
  • Raspbian apt-get install fence-agents Click to copy


Fence Agents for Red Hat Cluster

Red Hat Fence Agents is a collection of scripts to handle remote power management for several devices. They allow failed or unreachable nodes to be forcibly restarted and removed from the cluster. Fence agents included: fence_aliyun: Aliyun (Aliyun Web Services) fence_alom: Sun ALOM fence_amt: AMT fence_apc: APC over telnet/ssh fence_apc_snmp: APC, Tripplite PDU over SNMP fence_aws: AWS (Amazon Web Services) fence_azure_arm: Azure Resource Manager fence_bladecenter: IBM BladeCenter fence_brocade: HP Brocade over telnet/ssh fence_cisco_mds: Cisco MDS fence_cisco_ucs: Cisco UCS fence_compute: the automatic resurrection of OpenStack compute instances fence_docker: Docker fence_drac: Dell DRAC IV fence_drac5: Dell DRAC CMC/5 fence_dummy: Dummy fence agent fence_eaton_snmp: Eaton over SNMP fence_emerson: Emerson over SNMP fence_eps: ePowerSwitch fence_evacuate: the automatic resurrection of OpenStack compute instances fence_gce: GCE (Google Cloud Engine) fence_hds_cb: Hitachi Compute Blade systems fence_heuristics_ping: ping-heuristic based fencing fence_hpblade: HP BladeSystem fence_ibmblade: IBM BladeCenter over SNMP fence_idrac: IPMI fence_ifmib: IF MIB fence_ilo: HP iLO fence_ilo2: HP iLO fence_ilo3: IPMI fence_ilo3_ssh: HP iLO over SSH fence_ilo4: IPMI fence_ilo4_ssh: HP iLO over SSH fence_ilo5: IPMI fence_ilo5_ssh: HP iLO over SSH fence_ilo_moonshot: HP Moonshot iLO fence_ilo_mp: HP iLO MP fence_ilo_ssh: HP iLO over SSH fence_imm: IPMI fence_intelmodular: Intel Modular fence_ipdu: iPDU over SNMP fence_ipmilan: IPMI fence_ironic: OpenStack's Ironic (Bare Metal as a service) fence_ldom: Sun LDOM fence_lpar: IBM LPAR fence_mpath: multipath persistent reservation fence_netio: Koukaam NETIO-230B fence_openstack: OpenStack's Nova service fence_ovh: OVH fence_powerman: Fence Agent for Powerman fence_pve: the Proxmox Virtual Environment fence_raritan: Raritan Dominion PX fence_rcd_serial: rcd_serial fence agent fence_rhevm: RHEV-M REST API fence_rsa: IBM RSA fence_rsb: Fujitsu-Siemens RSB fence_sanbox2: QLogic SANBox2 FC switches fence_sbd: sbd fence_scsi: SCSI persistent reservation fence_tripplite_snmp: APC, Tripplite PDU over SNMP fence_vbox: VirtualBox fence_virsh: virsh fence_vmware: VMWare fence_vmware_rest: VMware REST API fence_vmware_soap: VMWare over SOAP API fence_vmware_vcloud: VMware vCloud Director API fence_wti: WTI fence_xenapi: Citrix XenServer over XenAPI fence_zvmip: use with z/VM Virtual Machines


Red Hat cluster suite - cluster manager

This package is part of the Red Hat Cluster Suite, a complete high-availability solution. CMAN is a symmetric general-purpose cluster manager. It provides a service manager that handles service groups, plus a connection manager that handles cluster membership management, messaging among the cluster nodes, event notification, quorum and state transitions. This package contains only tools for controlling the cluster manager itself.

Install the latest version of fence_rackswitch in Debian, Ubuntu, Kali, CentOS and Raspbian from terminal. To install the fence_rackswitch just copy the above command for your OS and run into terminal. After you run the command it will grab the latest version of fence_rackswitch from the respository and install it in your computer/server.