Akonadi_notes_agent Command

Akonadi_notes_agent Command


sticky notes application

Maintainer: Debian/Kubuntu Qt/KDE Maintainers

Section: kde

Install akonadi_notes_agent

  • Debian apt-get install knotes Click to copy
  • Ubuntu apt-get install knotes Click to copy
  • Arch Linux pacman -S knotes Click to copy
  • Kali Linux apt-get install knotes Click to copy
  • Fedora dnf install knotes Click to copy
  • Raspbian apt-get install knotes Click to copy


sticky notes application

KNotes is a program that lets you write sticky notes. The notes are saved automatically when you exit the program, and they display when you open the program. The program supports printing and mailing your notes. This package is part of the KDE PIM module.


debugging symbols for kdepim

This package contains the debugging symbols associated with kdepim. They will automatically be used by gdb for debugging kdepim-related issues.

Installing akonadi_notes_agent command is simple. just copy one of the above commands for your operating system and paste it into terminal. This command is available for Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, Kali, Fedora and Raspbian operating systems. Once you run the command it will install the latest version of akonadi_notes_agent 2024 package in your OS.